The Brodie Bowl

The Next Step in Pet Health!

Because you love your pet, you can improve their quality of life…Feed them from The Brodie Bowl

Why The Brodie Bowl?

The bowl puts your pet in an ergonomically correct feeding position that allows gravity to move food freely down the esophagus making it easier on the digestive system.

This provides a healthier way for your pet to eat and it slows them down from eating to fast.

Would you eat on all fours?

Made in the USA – 100% Recycled Plastic

Easy to Clean

Corrosion Resistant

User Friendly

Evolution of the dog bowl

Before Brodie Bowl

Old School Feeder

New Brodie Bowl

Adjustable Bowl Height

Custom leg heights available to fit any breed

Available in Small and Large

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Please call us with any questions about the Brodie Bowl and we’ll be
happy to speak with you.

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2016 INPEX Gold Medal Winner

Animal Care Category